Terms & Conditions

  • A subscription fee of Taka 2,000/- (non refundable) should be paid once.
  • The total cost of the developed website should be paid on 36 months installment basis @1,600/- Taka per month.
  • Any offer is revisable according to clients demand on add-ons will cost additional payment
  • If client fails to pay monthly installment on due time, a delay charge @5% is applicable at the first month then 6% at the following months onwards.
  • Any client intends to discontinue unilaterally before 36 months due period must have to pay the total amount at a time to SJW.
  • Each client will have to comply with technical issues related to website development and maintenance supported by SJW
  • Any client having its own domain already registered will have to provide a written No Objection Certificate (NOC) and password in favor of SJW for the use of the said domain.
  • The password of client’s domain remains to SJW authority till the final payment and settlement. It shall be handed over to the client accordingly.
  • Any dispute arises should be resolved bilaterally between the SJW authority and the client with good faith and gesture.